This article is about a/an army of monsters in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

Raydragoons, also called Blue Minions, are a group of dragonfly Mirror Monsters and are the third and strongest tier of Xaviax's foot soldiers, molted from Sheerghosts. They have blade-like structures on their forearms and are capable of flight. There are seldom-seen, larger versions with red turbines that molt from them; they are much stronger, as a single one of these was able to fight Len one-on-one for a time in a flashback.

Character History

Several Raydragoons molted from Sheerghosts in a flashback fighting Len, Kase, and the original Kamen Riders. Dark Temptation

The first Raydragoon in the present was seen with a Sheerghost and a Gelnewt in Xaviax's base being dispatched for the final part of his plan. A group of them intercepted the retrieved Ventaran Riders on their way to stop Xaviax, facing Dragon Knight, Strike, and Wing Knight before being destroyed by Survive Mode. For Ventara and Earth

Some of their actions were recounted by Maya via flashback as she summarized her book. A Dragon's Tale

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