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"Da Vinci Gamma: Buongiorno!"
"Michelangelo Gamma: Buonasera!"
"Raffaello Gamma: Grazie!"
"Da Vinci Gamma: Renaissance!
―The three Historical figure Gammas' word before they combined into Renaissance Gamma.[src]
Renaissance Gamma

Renaissance Gamma

Renaissance Gamma (ルネサンス眼魔 Runesansu Gamma, lit."Renaissance Eye Devil") is a Giant Gamma in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis. It is the combined form of the Da Vinci Gamma, the Michelangelo Gamma and the Raffaello Gamma. Powers included summoning fire balls from the sky, extending the snake on his left shoulder, and eye lasers in addition to trampling on smaller foes and short distance flight.

Renaissance Gamma was destroyed by Ghost Toucon Boost (Tousan) Damashii's Omega Drive/Shine with the Sunglasseslasher and Drive Type Tridoron's Handle-Ken slash, along with their Gamma Eyecons.

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