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Resurrected Mummy Monster, Egyptus
Kamen Rider, Episode 36
Kr 36
Air date December 4, 1971
Written by Masayuki Shimada
Directed by Katsuhiko Taguchi
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Poisonous Gas Monster Trickabuto's G-Plan

Resurrected Mummy Monster, Egyptus (いきかえったミイラ怪人エジプタス Ikikaetta Miira Kaijin Ejiputasu) is the thirty-sixth episode of the original Kamen Rider series.


Shocker resurrects the mummy Egyptus to get him to tell them where an ancient treasure trove is hidden. Because he can only speak ancient Egyptian, they try to kidnap a historian to translate his speech.


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Digital Releases

S 1 6

Kamen Rider Volume 6, DVD cover.

  • Kamen Rider DVD Volume 6 features episodes 32-37.[1]
Series 1 Volume 2

Kamen Rider Volume 2, Blu-ray cover.

  • Kamen Rider Blu-ray Volume 2 features episodes 27-52.[2]


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