This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A robotic race car monster. He can shoot bullets from the compartment in his chest, emit lasers from its horns, emit a square-shaped barrier, and throw razor wheels. When it comes to Albee wanting to win a remote-control race car race, Count Dregon decides to use Revenator. He was sent to Earth as a regular remote-control race car that was given to Albee as a present. Count Dregon called Revenator the "car that cannot lose." Dregon used him to lead Nefaria to Dex's cave to destroy Magno and Combat Chopper. After Dex fended off Nefaria, Revenator attacks. Dex transforms into Masked Rider and brings the fight outside of the cave. When Revenator has restrained him, Dex calls for Magno and uses her to escape. Revenator caught up with Dex at the boat yard and attacks Dex alongside Cycloptor and Double Face. After taking an attack from Cycloptor and Revenator, Dex transformed into his Super Blue form and used his Blue Saber to destroy Revenator. Fits the theme of Cycloptor's monsters.

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