Kamen Rider Black executing a Rider Chop.

The Rider Chop (ライダーチョップ Raidā Choppu) is the least seen "Rider Technique" in the entirety of the Kamen Rider Series. While relatively common in the Showa Era, it had fallen out of use in favor of Rider Kicks and Rider Punches. Unlike its counterparts, it has very few variations, as karate chops lack different procedures.

Chop Variations

  • Vertical Chop: An attack where the rider is either on the ground or jumping while delivering a chop vertically going down the opponent.
  • Horizontal Chop: An attack where the rider swings his arm horizontally through an opponent. The Rider can also spin while doing this.
  • Double Chop: An attack where the rider uses both arms for the attack.


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