This article is about a/an set of collectible devices in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Current Gashat Games

The main 10 Gashat Games' covers displayed on CR's television screen: (from top to bottom) Mighty Action X, Taddle Quest, Bang Bang Shooting, Bakusou Bike, Gekitotsu Robots, DoReMiFa Beat, Giri Giri Chambara, Jet Combat, Shakariki Sports, and Drago Knight Hunter Z.

Rider Gashat (ライダーガシャット Raidā Gashatto) are devices similar to video game cartridges used by the Riders in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


The Gashats were based off of the data from the 10 Genm Corp. games that spawned the Bugster virus and it is hinted that prototype Gashats had something to do with it. Kuroto Dan says that the company had fixed the first 4 games (Mighty Action X, Taddle Quest, Bakusou Bike and Shakariki Sports; Bang Bang Shooting is not counted due to still being stuck in development hell) and are about to fix 4 more of the other games. As such, there is only one of each Gashats, Poppy Pipopapo stating that Rider Gashats are a super rare series of game cartridges, as regular game cartridges are incompatible with the Gamer Driver, though there can be multiple Rider Gashats that can be created such as Proto Mighty Action X, Bakusou Bike and Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Certain Gashats have their own unique design traits that are differ that standard-designed Gashats. Such as exclusive patterns on the RG Circuit Board (eg. Bakusou Bike, Dangerous Zombie), Double-Slotted (eg. Mighty Brothers XX, Maximum Mighty X), Gashat Gear Duals and custom-designed Gashats (eg. Drago Knight Hunter Z, Taddle Legacy, Hyper Muteki).


Single-slotted Gashats, Mighty Brothers XX, and Doctor Mighty XX

  • RG Circuit Board - a layer of circuit placed on top of the Rider Gashat. Programs for turning into the respective rider and their respective equipment are recorded and doubles as a connection terminal via the Gamer Driver or in the Buggle Driver & its second version(in Dangerous Zombie and Kamen Rider Chronicle's case). It has a function to expand Game Areas to different space and to Stage Select.
  • Outer Guard Case - a cover to protect the internal works and processes of the Rider Gashat. Made by using lightweight, high-strength, easy-to-form-and-process materials and reinforced by a special coating agent to increase water, heat, and shock resistance.
  • Area Spreader - a Game Area generation device built in the Rider Gashat. When a Game Area is generated, it will realize data and when a specific Gashat is activated, the RG Circuit Board's base will light up it's respective color before creating and expanding the Game Area.
  • Directional Sounder - sound unit mounted on the Rider Gashat. When transforming or leveling up, it will emit sound effects.
  • Playing Starter - the Rider Gashats' start switch. By pushing the switch, the Gashat activates, the RG Circuit Board's base light up and creates and expands the Game Area. When the respective Rider Gashat is inserted into a specific Driver, the user can transform or level up.
  • Gashat Label - a seal stuck on the Gashat's surface. The image of the main character and game titles of each Gashats and the logo of Genm Corp. are drawn.

Gashat Gear Dual and Dual β

to be added

Maximum Mighty X and God Maximum Mighty X

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Hyper Muteki

to be added


Rider Gashats are the trinkets used by people who own and are compatible with a Gamer Driver to access the Rider forms (Level 1 and Level 2) to fight the Bugsters. Using a second Gashat in the Driver will allow a Rider to take Level 3 or Level 5. Gashats can be used in the Driver's Kimewaza Slot Holder to trigger a Critical Strike finisher, or in a Gashacon Weapon to trigger a Critical Finish finisher. Activating a Gashat will summon a Game Area with Energy Item containers based on the Gashat's game in a wave of digitization. This and the Gamer Driver's Stage Select option, which can literally teleport game participants, even those not currently present, are likely what Ayumu was sensing when he identified Rider Gashats as devices "with the power to change the world".

Graphite has also found a way to combine Rider Gashats with a Bugster, forming a Collabos (Collaboration) Bugster. How this happens is still unknown.

Black Gashats

Nine of the main 10 Proto Gashats as seen on Kuroto Dan's table: (from top to bottom) DoReMiFa Beat, Giri Giri Chambara, Gekitotsu Robots, Drago Knight Hunter Z, Shakariki Sports, Bakusou Bike, Bang Bang Shooting, and Taddle Quest.

The Proto Gashats (プロトガシャット Puroto Gashatto) are able to transform a person into a Kamen Rider (if used with a Gamer Driver) or into a Bugster (such as Soji Kuruse). They are also able to enhance a Bugster's powers even further if the Gashat is compatible with the Bugster form. Graphite demonstrates this ability by activating the Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat and stabbing it into his body, transforming him into Dark Graphite. While possessing unlimited power, the Proto Gashats are said to be dangerous to use, as they can have harmful side effects to a person after prolonged exposure. Even worse, when a person uses a Proto Gashat without going through the compatible surgery, they will spew blood from their mouth and collapse to the ground while being unconscious due to its unstable power. Men, Fly High! 

However, unlike humans, when Bugsters use Proto Gashats, they don't seem to cause side effects to their bodies. This is shown when Kiriya, revived as Lazer Turbo, used Proto Shakariki Sports and Proto Jet Combat, or when Kuroto, revived as a Bugster and used the origin version of Proto Mighty Action X for multiple times in the series, yet no side effects were caused.

According to Kuroto after his sudden revival, those who had been succumbed and vanished by the virus had been stored into the Proto Gashats as "saved data". The Ministry of Health had been monitoring the Proto Gashats after they raided Kuroto's hideout, but was later reportedly stolen and is now under the possession of Masamune. After Kiriya Kujo is revived as Masamune's left-hand man, he gains the latter's trust, before stealing back the Proto Gashats for CR.

Later on, after Masamune used Reset to reset time, the Proto Gashats (besides the ones Kiriya used for his combo forms) were returned back to him once more. However, after his demise, the Proto Gashats were back in CR's possession, with Emu promising that one day in the future, their technology for fighting the Game Disease will be advanced enough to retrieve the data of the lost ones that succumbed to said disease. Endless Game

Nico with Bang Bang Shooting Gashat

Bang Bang Shooting Gashat Trophy

The Gashatrophies (ガシャットロフィー Gashattorofī) are variants of the Gashats, which can be won by players of Kamen Rider Chronicle for beating a Bugster.[1]

List of Rider Gashats

Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat 2 songs ver.

Unused Sounds

Level 2, Level 3 and Level 50 transformation phrases have been programmed into all DX Rider Gashats, but the Secondary slot sounds for Riders' primary Gashats and Primary slot sounds for their secondary Gashats have no confirmation regarding their presence in the show, and exist here for completion's sake.

  • Primary slot sounds:
    • Shakariki Sports - "Gachan! Level Up! Shakariki, Shakariki! Ooh-ha! Shakariki, Shakariki Spo~rts!"
    • Gekitotsu Robots - "Gachan! Level Up! Gekitotsu Robot! Gekitotsu Robots!"
    • DoReMiFa Beat - "Gachan! Level Up! Bea~t! Beat, Beat, Bea~t! DoReMiFa Bea~t!"
    • Jet Combat - "Gachan! Level Up! Jet! Jet! Comba~t!"
    • Giri Giri Chambara - "Gachan! Level Up! Giri Giri no Chan Chan Bara Bara! Giri Giri Chambara!"
    • Drago Knight Hunter Z - "Gachan! Level Up! Drago~! Knight~! Drago~Knight Hunter!"[7]
    • Dangerous Zombie - "Gachan! Level Up! Da-Dangerous Zombie! Da-Dangerous Zombie!"
    • Ju Ju Burger - "Gachan! Level Up! Buns ni Lettuce ni Tomato ni Cheese! Ju Ju Burger!"
    • Toki Meki Crisis - "Gachan! Level Up! Senobi Shitaikedo! Choppiri Tereruwa! Toki Meki Crisis!"
  • Level 50 sounds:
    • Taddle Fantasy - "Dual Up! Satan appeared! (Say "Ma~o~u"!) Taddle Fantasy! (dark orchestal music)"
    • Bang Bang Simulations - "Dual Up! Enemy is coming! Shootdown their Bang Bang Simulations! (military orchestral music)"

Behind The Scenes


The voice of the Rider Gashats was provided by Hironobu Kageyama (影山 ヒロノブ Kageyama Hironobu), barring the Toki Meki Crisis Gashat and Poppy version of the DoReMiFa Beat Gashat, which were voiced by Poppy Pipopapo's actress, Ruka Matsuda (松田 るか Matsuda Ruka), the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat co-voiced by Hayato Onozuka (小野塚 勇人 Onozuka Hayato) (who portrays Kiriya Kujo) and Tetsuya Iwanaga (岩永 徹也 Iwanaga Tetsuya) (who portrays Kuroto Dan), as well as the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat which was voiced by Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一 Suwabe Jun'ichi), who was also narrator for the series and voice actor of Lovelica Bugster.[10] KORBY voices the Kamen Rider Build Gashat who also voices the Build Driver in Kamen Rider Build.


Hunter Z early design

An early design for the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat.

  • The early design for the Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat has more detail on the dragon head portion when compared with the final version. The label for the Gashat was also changed.
  • Mighty Action X is the only game people can download and play it after they bought All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution.
  • In the toyline, the Rider Gashat sounds can be played without the use of the DX Gamer Driver, similar to the Gaia Memories with the DX Double and Lost Drivers, and also the Lockseeds with the DX Sengoku and Genesis Drivers.[11]
  • All the "game stickers" of the Gashats have the numbers '56569-4545-001132-321569-45-0012-321' and '50231887-45046-54609' stylized to look like Game Serial Numbers. The numbers have no known meaning.
  • Rider Gashat's concept of reformatting the Rider's surroundings and randomly spawning floating solid platforms and collectible items around the battlefield when activated is similar to the Action Duels in the co-airing anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.
  • The nature of the Gashats used by the main riders being less powerful than the originals due to them being refined to prevent the power corrupting the users and damaging the body parallels the Gaia Memories of Kamen Rider W.
    • The Prototype Gashats being used to either turn into a Rider or a Bugster also parallels, yet is also an inverse of the T2 Gaia Memories. Both are more powerful than the series' normal transformation devices and can turn a user into either a Rider or a monster, but the Proto Gashats were first, while the T2 Memories came second after their respective series collectables in terms of in-series production.
  • Genm's usage of the Shakariki Sports Gashat in his Level 2 form to perform a Critical Strike instead of his Proto Mighty Action X Gashat suggests that Proto Gashats may be incapable of performing finishers, or that their finishers are either too weak to want to use or too strong or unstable to be used safely.
    • In the toyline, they can be used for Critical Strikes, but have no Critical Finish announcements.
  • Gashats take elements of the Gaia Memories, Astroswitches, and Lockseeds in design and function:
    • Both Rider Gashats and Gaia Memories are removed from the main belt and inserted into a secondary slot to activate their belt finishers. Both Astroswitches and certain larger sized Rider Gashats activate their finishers by pulling the Driver's lever again.
    • All four of these devices can be inserted into weapons to activate weapon finishers.
    • Gaia Memories, Lockseeds, and Rider Gashats all have buttons that, when pressed, declare the name of the individual device. Astroswitches declare their name when inserted into the Fourze Driver.
    • The Double Driver and Gamer Driver both can utilize two Memories/Gashats at once, and there are Memories/Gashats that take up both slots.
    • They are all used by villains. Dopants use Memories to transform, Zodiarts use Zodiarts Switches to transform, Inves use Lockseeds to become more powerful, and Bugsters are born from games that have been made into Gashats, as well as the Collabos Bugsters using Gashats directly to gain armor.
    • Particularly powerful instances are much larger and sometimes come with unique functionality, such as the Fang Memory which transforms into a dinosaur and has its own Sengoku Driver-like finishers, the N and S Magnet Switches that combine into the NS MagPhone and can be used as gun triggers in Magnet States, the Kiwami Lockseed which connects to the Kachidoki Lockseed and can be turned to summon weapons, and the Gashat Gear Dual which contains two games, functions on its own, and can be used in the Gamer Driver for a super form.
      • The Kiwami Lockseed and Hyper Muteki Gashat mirror each other by both being final form devices that combine with a super form device to activate the final form.
  • Collecting all of the Gashats was said to do something within the show's early description, but nothing of this nature ever occurred.
    • This could be simply just a lie by Kuroto just so he could collect data on all 10 Gashats to fulfill his plan of creating the "ultimate game", as he revealed later on when he showed his true identity as Genm to the other Riders.



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