This article is about a/an arsenal in Kamen Rider Den-O.

Rider Pass opened


Master Pass

Rider Passes (ライダーパス Raidā Pasu) are the Kamen Rider Den-O system's ticket system for transformation and transportation through time via Den-Liner.

When it is scanned on the Den-O Belt, or any similar belt system belonging to time trains, any Rider or Imagin is allowed access to his personal Rider form, armoring him up and providing him access to the DenGasher. Additionally, when the Rider Pass is scanned again in Rider Form, the Rider can perform Full Charge (フルチャージ Furu Chāji) finishers. In Climax Form, the finishers are powered up to Charge and Up attacks.

The pass can store Rider Tickets scanned from memories of Imagin victims. The pass, with the ticket is inserted on the Den-Bird console as it is docked with Den-Liner. It allows Den-Liner to travel to that time period.

Initially there were only two passes on the Den-Liner, the Rider Pass, which belonged to Hana, which she lost and eventually made Ryotaro keep, and a gold pass which belonged to the Owner (which Gaoh eventually stole). The first incident where there were more than a couple of passes was when Yuto Sakurai brought in several Ryotaro Nogamis from different points in time to battle Kamen Rider Gaoh. Later on, it was revealed that Negataros had stolen a spare Rider Pass, and reverse-engineered it to duplicate the Den-O system in its entirety. To battle Kamen Rider Yuuki, Hana provided each of the Taros a pass, in addition to Ryotaro and Kotaro's passes.

Kamen Riders Zeronos, Gaoh and Yuuki also have their own Rider passes to activate their own battle systems, similar to (and likely based on) Den-O's system.