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Rider ROBO

Rider Robo

The Rider Robo (ライダーロボ Raidā Robo) is a giant robot form of the History Modifying Machine (歴史改変マシン Rekishi Kaihen Mashin), achieved by the machine using Kamen Rider 3 as its engine and appearing exclusively in Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki. It is controlled by the Great Leader of Shocker, whose spirit was housed in it. The Rider Robo's design resembles that of the original series Riders, even including a Typhoon-like belt attached. With Rider 3 as its power vessel, it erased Kamen Rider J in Jumbo Formation from time, alongside several other Kamen Riders, but Rider 3 manage to increase his willpower to freed himself to aid the remaining Riders, rendering the robot powerless to use the history alteration power. It is later destroyed by ShurikenjinIcon-crosswiki Tridoron.

SIC Hero Saga

In SIC Hero Saga, the Rider Robo appeared in the World of OOO. It hijacked Kamen Rider OOO and gain a giant OOO Driver allows it to transform into a giant OOO-like biological robot, with not only the copy of Latorartar Combo, Sagohzo Combo, Shauta Combo but also Rider Robo's own Combo, the Nejiba Combo (ネジバコンボ Nejiba Konbo). Kamen Rider Decade: World of OOO



  • The Rider Robo's use of the History Modifying Machine as a weapon is similar to the Krenim temporal weapon ship from the "Year of Hell" two-parter of Star Trek Voyager.
  • Rider Robo's name is a reversal of Robo Rider.
  • Rider Robo is the second giant villain in a Super Hero Taisen film to have a suit actor, with the first being Demon King Psycho from Super Hero Taisen ZIcon-crosswiki. All previous giant villains from the first Super Hero Taisen film (Big Machine) and Kamen Rider Taisen (the Generalissimo of Badan) were CGI characters.

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