This article is about a/an rider machine in Kamen Rider Black.
Road Sector
Rider: Kohtaro Minami
Series: Kamen Rider Black
Length: 210 cm
Width: 72 cm
Height: 132 cm
Weight: 202 kg
Speed: 960 km/h
Power: 1515
Base Model: Suzuki GSX-R400

The Road Sector is a motorcycle created by Yoichi Daimon for Gorgom. The Road Sector is a prototype made with the intention of making it a mass-produced vehicle for their mutant soldiers, but instead it became Kamen Rider BLACK's second Rider Machine. The Road Sector has a special function called the Attack Shield that shields the rider from harm. In this mode, the Road Sector can perform its special ramming maneuver, the Sparkling Attack. After the final battle against Gorgom, Kotaro returned the Road Sector to Akira Daimon.

The Road Sector can travel at the speed of 500 Km/h (310 mph) with its 1,515 horsepower engine. The Attack Shield is activated at the speed of 800Km/h (497 mph), which enables the Road Sector to reach the maximum speed of 960 Km/h (596 mph) to perform the Sparkling Attack.


Blk Hellshooter birugenia

Bilgenia with Hellshooter

Main article: Hellshooter

Bilgenia kidnapped Egami, a student of Road Sector's creator. He forced Egami to create a replica of Road Sector, named Hellshooter. In making Hellshooter, Egami passed a message to Kohtaro through each of the machines' unique software, allowing Kamen Rider BLACK to become aware of the new machine. Hellshooter can match Road Sector at speed and has the ability to cancel its Attack Shield via laser. Because the two have the same software linking them together, Kamen Rider BLACK jammed both machines' computers, destroying Hellshooter's targeting system while risking Road Sector's. The plan succeeded and BLACK destroyed Bilgenia's machine with a Rider Kick.

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