This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A robotic insectoid monster. He wields a laser pistol, has powerful punches, can detach the blades on his back to use as weapons (and throw them as if they were boomerangs), and can shoot a beam from his forehead. Robosect was dispatched to capture Dex when he was preparing for a dance contest. He was modified with a Red Fusion Bomb that will activate the Spiderbase's tractor beam that will bring Robosect and Dex up to the Spiderbase. Dex encounters Robosect outside of Leawood High School and transforms into Masked Rider. During the fight, Dex ends up hitting the Red Fusion Beam and ends up in the Spiderbase's tractor beam with Robosect. Dex broke free from Robosect's grasp only to be blasted from the tractor beam by Robosect. After being located by Ferbus, Magno, and Combat Chopper, Dex is informed by Magno that Robosect is detected in the sub-basement of Leawood's Ancient History Museum. Dex ends up fighting Robosect in the museum's sub-basement and gets overwhelmed. Dex transforms into his Super Gold form and knocks Robosect down. After trying to get Robosect to surrender, Dex uses his Ecto-Ray to destroy Robosect.


  • Robosect's colours and design bear resemblance to Roborider.

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