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"We were created by humans. But they made us too powerful for their own good. Soon, the humans will understand just how helpless they truly are. Let us refer to this day with a word they seem to have a fondness for... This is our revolution."
Heart addressing his fellow Roidmudes on the eve of the Global Freeze.[src]

The Roidmudes (ロイミュード Roimyūdo), also called Mechanical Life Forms (機械生命体 Kikai Seimeitai) by the public, are the antagonists of Kamen Rider Drive. They are a race of 108 artificial life forms created by Dr. Tenjuro Banno as unique androids that were capable of 'evolving' to become more like humans. However, when their development had hit a wall, Banno asked his friend Krim Steinbelt for help. Steinbelt gave them the prototype Core Driviars to continue their evolution, until Banno's dark secret on using a lethal experiment for his creation was find out by Krim, causing the two inventors' partnership broke apart, leading Banno to plan to steal one of Krim's equipment, such as the mind transfer device without Krim knowing, in order to further his sinister plan and to finalize his creations. Unfortunately because of Banno's cause on awakened Roidmudes as a finalized sentient, it caused them to start their plot to destroy the world, evolving by synchronizing with human emotions and stealing the best physical attributes of human beings.


The chip..OF EVIL!

Banno's 'evil' chip

According to Heart, Roidmudes are originally meant to be created for world peace, such having a human emotions like 072 was for example. However, Banno underwent trouble during his research and ultimately made the Roidmudes based on the negative emotions of humanity, seeking to dominate the world instead. Heart, while fully aware of this, wants to dominate the world for his own purposes.

Banno inserted chips to cause the Roidmudes to turn evil and later had Roidmude 004 to create a similar chip to corrupt Krim Steinbelt, who temporarily goes haywire during Surprise Future.


The Roidmudes are capable of slowing down time itself to a crawl known as the Heavy Acceleration phenomenon, which slows down everything in it except for Roidmudes and Kamen Rider Drive and his equipment. They are covered by a membrane similar to the human cerebral cortex that allows them to disguise themselves, as well as camouflaging the particles emitted from the Heavy Acceleration phenomenon that the Roidmudes are so fond of exploiting.

They are given numbers to distinguish themselves from each other (and are pronounced individually; i.e., 029 is Zero-Two-Nine), to which literally ties into their life, functioning like souls. If these numbers, called Cores, are destroyed, the Roidmude is dead permanently, but so long as the Core is still around, a Roidmude can respawn after some rest and are given a Viral Core for a new body.

Among the 108, there are three types of Low-Class Roidmudes: Cobra typesSpider types, and Bat types. There is also a fourth Human type, which Proto-Zero and Cyberoid ZZZ adhere to.


Low-Class Roidmudes evolve using dark versions of the Shift Cars called Viral Cores, which evolve the specific type of Low-Class Roidmude tied to that Viral Core into a Advanced Roidmude. Ways to achieve this without multiple usages of Viral Cores is through forming a pact with human and helping them achieve their host's desires. After their transformation is stable enough however, the Roidmudes won't hold back to kill their host.

Like the Inves, If a Roidmude uses more than one Viral Cores at one time (three for Low-Class, and two for Advanced), they will change into a bigger and more powerful form based on their animal motifs known as a Giant Roidmude, but at the cost of their intelligence.

If a Roidmude's certain emotion intensifies and exceeds the limit, the Roidmude can evolve into a gold-colored ultimate state known as the Super Evolution State. Their ultimate goal is to find the Promised Number, a gathering of four Roidmudes who have achieved Super Evolution, and then take over the world by inducing a permanent Global Freeze.

A backup plan was devised by the future Roidmude 108, who hails from a Roidmude-dominated future, but wishes to create the permanent Global Freeze that never occurred into his future. By merging with his past self, a paradox is created with Roidmude 108 skipping his Advanced form altogether and jumping straight into a Super Evolved State, capable of inducing a permanent Global Freeze alone.


Medic herself had her own set of remodeled Roidmudes called Reaper Legion whose mission is to eliminate unruly and/or rogue Roidmudes. This division was made after Mashin Chaser was decommissioned due to Medic's brainwashing altering his base program to defend the Roidmudes. These Roidmudes are given enhanced combat capabilities in addition to cockroach-like attributes. Their operation was made in secrecy from the knowledge of other superior Roidmudes. These are still part of the numbered Roidmudes.

A new model of the Viral Cores called Neo Viral Core was introduced, which allowed a Roidmude to evolve by synchronizing and fusing with humans that have darker hearts. Once the fusion initiated, the Roidmude would act as the human's advisor, speaking through their chest once their number is visible. These Neo Viral Cores were created and developed by Roidmude 001.

Number Discrepancy

While there were supposedly only 108 Roidmudes in existence, two Roidmudes were made alongside the 108, both being a human-type Roidmude, with one of them being able to be a new body for its user, and the other serving as the basis for all Roidmudes, labeled as 000, who would be called Protozero.

Numberless Roidmudes were created by Kamen Rider Lupin, but they lacked cores and were only imitations. A similar number Roidmude army was deployed during the Megahex Invasion by Megahex, who took combat data based on the original numbered Roidmudes.

In a dystopian, alternate future, the Roidmudes manage to defeat humanity, possessing numberless Roidmudes with their plates as "---". These variants are stronger than a numbered low-class Roidmude and are capable of giving Mach and M16 rifle-equipped police force a one-sided fight. Deadheat Mach and Super Dead Heat Drive were able to defeat these Roidmudes after they enter the Dead Zone. Upon exiting out of the Dead Zone, Super Dead Heat Drive is overwhelmed by a single Roidmude. This last Roidmude was destroyed by being smashed into a truck through Kamen Rider Ghost Newton Damashii.


The Roidmudes were originally conceptualized by Dr. Banno. The Doctor asked for help from his partner, Krim Steinbert, to build the Core Driviars for the Roidmudes. Against his better senses, Krim agreed, but unfortunately he was right to be wary. The Roidmudes killed both Banno and Krim, and unleashed the Global Freeze upon the world. The Roidmudes would've taken over the world already, if not for the mysterious warrior known as Protodrive, who worked with Krim (whose consciousness was transferred into a belt) to stop the Roidmudes. Protodrive seemed to have lost his life fighting the Roidmudes, but Krim survived to refine the equipment that would later become his successor, Drive's. Protodrive was later drafted and refitted to become Mashin Chaser.

The Roidmudes continued to spread havoc throughout the world. By December, however, international activity started decreasing as the executives made their way for Tokyo. While Kamen Riders Drive, Mach and Protodrive/Chaser were created to combat these threats, however some like 001 had infiltrated the national defense system, using it to keep an eye on the police forces to destroy them from the inside as well as removing the Kamen Rider threats.

Thanks to the Kamen Riders and other forces, the Roidmudes as a species are on the verge of dying off, with Heart being the last of his kind. Why Must They Fight? Eventually, Heart dies due to being mortally wounded by the Sigma Circular, making the entire Roidmude race fully extinct. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

Later history


Ghost with Roidmude spirits

The spirits of Freeze, Sword, & Thief with Kamen Rider Ghost.

During Shinnosuke's dream-like near-death experience prior to Heart's death, the ghosts of three Roidmudes - Super Evolved Freeze, Sword, and Thief - emerge from a dark portal in a forest and attack Shinnosuke. However, he is saved by Kamen Rider Ghost who directs him to a light which returns him to the real world while he fights the three Roidmude spirits, quickly destroying them again with a series of slashes from his Gan Gun Saber. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

Super Movie War Genesis

Roidmudes in black

Roidmudes back from the dead.

Heart, Brain, and Medic return in a black form due to the "butterfly effect" of Shinnosuke Tomari and Takeru Tenkuji time travel to the 2005. Chase also returns and fights with the Kamen Riders. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis

Riders' Souls!

Super Evolved Heart was brought back by Frey as an opponent in order for the current Kamen Riders to unlock Kamen Rider Drive's Ghost Eyecon, a feat which was achieved by Kamen Rider Ghost who used it to assume Drive Damashii and destroy Heart again. Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!

Chou Super Hero Taisen


Dark Drive with Dark Kabuto and Dark Ghost.

Separate iterations of both the Paradox Roidmude and Kamen Rider Dark Drive existed in the Game World.

Advanced Roidmudes

Low-Class Roidmudes


Main Article: Roidmude's Core


  • All of the Roidmudes (except the Paradox Roidmude) are designed by Takayuki Takeya.
  • The first three Viral Cores are associated with three notable monsters of the original Kamen Rider series: Spider Man (the first monster), Bat Man (the second monster), and Cobra Man (the first monster to have an upgraded/revived form)
  • Giant Roidmudes are based on their respective Viral Cores.
  •  The Low-Class Roidmude's ability to shoot bullets out of their fingertips is similar to Deneb from Kamen Rider Den-O.
  • The name Roidmude comes from combination of the words "Android" and "Mutant", with the "to" kana being made into a "do" kana.
  • The pact evolution path is similar to the way Yummies from Kamen Rider OOO work, where they drive a person's desire into overdrive, and get stronger from their host's desire.
  • The Roidmudes are an inversion of the usual concept of monsters from Kamen Rider. Where the franchise usually has the heroes gain the powers of the monsters they fight and rebel against them for good, it is the Roidmudes who went against their creators and used their powers for evil instead of helping humanity like they were intended to.
  • The three initial Roidmudes' creation and revolution during 1999 is coincidentally based on Nostradamus' prediction of apocalypse by the "King of Terror" Angolmois. Surprisingly, their creation could also meant the end of humanity, as they desire to replace them as the dominant species on Earth.
    • The year 1999 is also similarly the same year where Worms arrived to Earth in Kamen Rider Kabuto's timeline.
      • This is similarly furthered where both Worms (in both Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider Decade) and Roidmudes used their human disguise to infiltrate military forces from inside either to gain control or destroy them.
  • The number of primarily existed Roidmudes are based on 108 desires that tempt humanity away from Nirvana in Buddhism.
  • The Roidmudes head design might be a reference to Shotaro Ishinomori's manga creation Skull Man.
  • The Roidmudes are similar to their predecessor monster group in many ways.
    • Both Low-Class Roidmudes and the Elementary Inves are categorized in a certain way (Roidmudes by body type, Elementary Inves by color and facial designs), as well as a certain aspect of the show (Low-class Roidmudes referencing the first Kamen Rider's first three enemies, Elementary Inves by sharing the same color/region on the three first main Armored Riders)
    • Both groups are also able to evolve into a stronger form because of a certain way (Roidmudes via learning and absorbing different emotions, Inves by devouring Lockseeds).
    • Both groups can also change into a giant form.
    • Both have had a human use their powers with some differences (Roidmudes with Fusion Evolution, Inves with Category H Inves).
    • Both have had a mecha counterpart in Movie War Full Throttle.




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