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"Absorb Queen: Fusion Jack!"
―Transformation announcement for Jack Form[src]

"Absorb Queen: Evolution King!"
―Transformation announcement for King Form[src]

The Rouze Absorber (ラウズアブソーバー Rauzu Abusōbā) is a special accessory developed by Kei Karasuma to bolster the Blade and Garren’s capabilities. The Rouze Absorber was designed to be a supplementary Rouze device to Rider System and specialized container for the top category Rouze Cards. Its system was designed to harness the ♠J: Fusion Eagle, ♦J: "Fusion Peacock", ♠Q: Absorb Capricorn, ♦Q: "Absorb Serpent" and ♠K: Evolution Caucasus Rouze Cards and is only compatible with those cards. Initiating either Jack Form or King Form, modifies the Rouze Absorber with a signature spade-plaque or a diamond-plaque depending on the Rider using it (a spade-eagle plaque (or a diamond-peacock plaque in the case of Garren) for Jack Form; spade-Caucasus plaque for King Form). Though the Rouze Absorber is dubbed King Absorber henceforth, the modification, in either case, proves more cosmetic if anything.


Behind the scenes


Along with the King Rouzer and Wild Slasher, the Rouze Absorber was voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki (立木 文彦 Tachiki Fumihiko).