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Sakurako Sawatari
Gender: Female
Series: Kamen Rider Kuuga
Ally Type: Researcher
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Revival
Last Appearance: Yusuke
Actor: Kazumi Murata

Sakurako Sawatari (沢渡 桜子 Sawatari Sakurako): A friend of Yusuke who translates the ancient "Lintonese" transcripts that tell of Kuuga and the Gurongi. She was born in Gunma Prefecture on October 30, 1976.


Sakurako was helping Professor Natsume in his archaeological research on the Kurougatake ruins by translating the symbols found on Riku's sarcophagus. While working, Sakurako's friend Yusuke Godai entered her room via the window, trying and failing to scare her using a mask he brought back from his trip in Indonesia. After some small talk, Sakurako's computer finishes translating two of the glyphs, one of which means "death" and the other "warning". Sakurako tried to warn the team, but called too late to stop their deaths by the monster they had accidentally unleashed.

Later, Yusuke and Sakurako were shown the horrific footage of what happened to the research team. Detective Kaoru Ichijo managed to pull a few strings and give them the Arcle, an artifact from the ruins, to analyze. However, before they could leave, the police station was attacked by a Gurongi, another one of the beasts from the ruins. Sakurako was saved by Godai, who put on the Arcle and became Kuuga, fighting the monster.


Sakurako is kind, intelligent, and hard-working. She will often stay up all-night in order to finish a project she has started, such as decoding the Linto script.

Character Notes

  • She is one of the alumnus of Takeshi Hongo, also known as Kamen Rider 1.


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