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Officer Sanjō (三条 Sanjō) is the human form of the Zebra Fangire (ゼブラファンガイア Zebura Fangaia) of the Beast Class Fangire Tribe.


He is a penitentiary officer at the prison where Takashi Sugimura was held in until he lost his temper with the imprisoned Otoya Kurenai after being knocked out by him and was forced to reveal himself, attacking his fellow officers while going at Otoya until Yuri Aso arrives with the Ixa Knuckle that Otoya uses on him.

Powers & Abilities

As a Fangire, he is stronger than the average person. He can generate a set of floating fangs with which he drains a human's life force for nourishment. If his body is shattered in battle, his soul will float away to eventually reform another body unless it is sealed by something such as the Castle Doran.


  • Sanjo's name comes from Momotaros' catchphrase "Ore, sanjou!", both of whom are played by Seki himself. The other three Taros' voice actors were also given a cameo in the movie with a reference to their catchphrases somewhere.
    • His name was also made as a gag in the movie, since when he shouts "Ore, Sanjo!", it also bears a double meaning, either "I have arrived!" or "I am Sanjo!".
  • The Zebra Fangire's suit has the same top half as the Horse Fangire, with the same lower half as either the Rhinoceros Fangire or the Warthog Fangire.