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Sclash Driver

Sclash Driver

"Sclash Driver!"
―Donning announcement/DX Toy activation announcement[src]

"(Sclashjelly name) Jelly!"
―Sclashjelly insertion announcement[src]

"Charge Bottle!"
―Organic Fullbottle insertion announcement[src]

"Discharge Bottle!"
―Inorganic Fullbottle insertion announcement[src]

"Crocodile! "
―Crocodile Crack Fullbottle insertion announcement[src]

"Tsubureru! Nagareru! Afurederu! (Sclashjelly name) In (Rider name)! Braaaa!"
―Grease & Cross-Z Charge transformation announcement w/ Sclashjellies[src]

"Wareru! Kuwareru! Kudake chiru! Crocodile In Rogue! Oraa!"
―Rogue transformation announcement w/Crocodile Crack Fullbottle[src]

"Scrap Break!"
―Cross-Z Charge finisher announcement[src]

"Scrap Finish!"
―Grease finisher announcement[src]

"Crack Up Finish!"
―Rogue finisher announcement[src]

"Tsuburenai! Charge Crush!"
―Organic Fullbottle finisher announcement[src]

"Tsuburenai! Discharge Crush!"
―Inorganic Fullbottle finisher announcement[src]

Sclash Driver blueprint

The Sclash Driver's blueprint revealed in Takumi Katsuragi's hidden Project Build files.

Incomplete Sclash Driver

An incomplete Sclash Driver on Sento Kiryu's desk.

The Transformation Belt Sclash Driver (変身ベルト スクラッシュドライバー Henshin Beruto Sukurasshu Doraibā) is the transformation belt used by Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge, Kamen Rider Grease and Kamen Rider Rogue. Conceptualized by Takumi Katsuragi as the evolution of Project Build, its schematics were completed by Sento Kiryu and copied by Soichi Isurugi. It was later revealed that, similar to the requirement for the Build Driver, using the Driver requires a minimum Hazard Level of 4.0 (as opposed to the former's requirement of 3.0), otherwise it will inflict a painful surge of energy upon the attempting user.The Forbidden Item.


To transform with the Sclash Driver, Sclashjellies are inserted into the Power Press Slot of the belt, and the Activate Wrench is pumped to crush the Sclashjelly. In the show and toyline, Fullbottles are also fully compatible with the Sclash Driver.

Constant usage of the Sclash Driver exposes the user to the unshielded effects of the Nebula Gas, similar to the exposure to the light of Pandora Box: every transformation makes the user grow increasingly aggressive and become obsessed with fighting, such as in the case of Kazumi Sawatari (Kamen Rider Grease). The Golden Soldier

Anyone with a Hazard Level of below the minimum requirement of 4.0 attempting to transform will be painfully shocked and forced to eject the Driver and Sclashjelly off of their waist. Even for those who have met the prerequisite, those going through their first transformations will experience the electrical shocks, but once they have mastered it they no longer have this concern, overcoming the side effects as in the case of Ryuga Banjou and Kazumi Sawatari.


The Sclash Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Activate Wrench (アクティベイトレンチ Akutibeito Renchi): The wrench like lever on the right hand side of the Driver. Used for transformation and to execute finishing attacks. When the wrench is pushed, the press mechanism of the Power Press Slot operates, squeezing the components of the Sclashjelly into the Driver.
  • Power Press Slot (パワープレスロット Pawā Puresurotto): The slot the Sclashjelly is inserted into. A pressing mechanism is used to take the components of the Sclashjelly into the driver.
  • Jelly Tank (ゼリータンク Zerī Tanku): The cylindrical section located on the left hand side of the Driver. It takes in the Sclashjelly's components via a tube and converts it into a substance called Variable Jelly (ヴァリアブルゼリー Variaburu Zerī') that responds to special pulses emitted by the driver and has characteristics that allows it to change into suit components or armed weaponry.
  • Jelly Tank Cap (ゼリータンクキャップ Zerī Tanku Kyappu): The red section on top of the Jelly Tank. its function is to emit a pulse that allows the Variable Jelly to change into armor or weapons.
  • React Dynamo (リアクトダイナモ Riakuto Dainamo): The energy source of the Sclash Driver. It is located at the bottom of the Driver. It operates at high speed and generates the necessary energy to activate transformation and deliver finishing attacks.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Kazumi Sawatari
Kamen Rider Grease
Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders His Sclash Driver was given to him by Soichi Isurugi, who had received the schematics for the Driver by stealing the completed blueprints from Sento. The Driver itself was build by Namba Heavy Industries Ltd., all headed by Nariaki Utsumi.
Ryuga Banjo
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge
Rider Wars Start Sento finished the Driver as well as the Dragon Sclashjelly, but didn't want to use it out of fear that the Sclash Driver will be used as weapon of warfare. The driver would later be taken by Ryuga, using it to transform into Cross-Z Charge.

Sento briefly took his Sclash Driver and tried to transform into Cross-Z Charge as well, however because his Hazard Level was not high enough, Sento received a painful electric shock from the Driver and failed the transformation.

Ryuga's Sclash Driver and the Dragon Sclashjelly were later destroyed by Soichi Isurugi with the power of Mars in episode 30.

Gentoku Himuro
Kamen Rider Rogue
ROGUE His Driver was also built by Namba Heavy Industries Ltd., all directed by Nariaki Utsumi; and it also delivered by Soichi Isurugi.
Sento Kiryu
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge (failed attempt)
The Golden Soldier Sento attempted to transform into Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge using Banjou's Sclash Driver in order to take down Kamen Rider Grease, but failed due to his Hazard Level not being high enough.


While transformed, Cross-Z Charge/Grease/Rogue initiates a finishing move by pumping the Activate Wrench.

Cross-Z Charge uses the Scrap Break (スクラップブレイク Sukurappu Burēku) with the Dragon Sclashjelly. Grease uses the Scrap Finish (スクラップフィニッシュ Sukurappu Finisshu) with the Robot Sclashjelly. Rogue uses the Crack Up Finish (クラックアップフィニッシュ Kurakku Appu Finisshu) with the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle.

A finisher with an Organic Fullbottle is called the Charge Crash (チャージクラッシュ Chāji Kurasshu) while a finisher with an Inorganic Fullbottle is called the Discharge Crash (ディスチャージクラッシュ Disuchāji Kurasshu).

Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge

  • Rider Kick: Cross-Z Charge does a flying sidekick, which a dragon's head forms around his right leg.
  • Rider Punch: Cross-Z Charge delivers a punch with his fist covered in cyan and orange energy.

  • Charge Crash:
    • Taka: Cross-Z Charge sprouts a pair of orange wings resembling the Sollstall Wings, and uses them for flight.
  • Discharge Crash:

Kamen Rider Grease

  • Rider Kick: Grease uses his Machine Pack Shoulder (マシンパックショルダー Mashin Pakku Shorudā) to generate Variable Jelly (ヴァリアブルゼリー Variaburu Zerī) in order to propel himself forward as he delivers a powerful Kick to the enemy, coated in gold energy.
  • Rider Punch: Using the Machine Splash Armory (マシンスプラッシュアーモリー Mashin Supurasshu Āmorī) on either of his hands, Grease performs a powerful punch with a Variable Jelly projection of the Demolition One.
  • Rider Shooting: In Ganbarizing arcade game, Grease fires four Robot Fullbottle insignia from his Machine Pack Shoulders and Machine Splash Armory as they explode upon latching to his targets.

  • Charge Crash:
    • Kuma: Grease creates two Variable Jelly projections of bear claws, before slamming both into the enemy.
  • Discharge Crash:
    • Lock: Grease creates chains that entangle enemy before attacking with a Variable Jelly projection of Bind Master Key.
    • Helicopter: Grease creates a Variable Jelly projection of a helicopter rotor, gaining the ability to fly.
    • Keshigomu: Grease creates a big eraser that allows him and/or his comrades to flee.

Kamen Rider Rogue

  • Rider Kick: Using the Cruncher Edges (クランチャーエッジ Kuranchā Ejji) on his legs, Rogue generates an energy crocodile head Cruncher Fang (クランチャーファング Kuranchā Fangu) to crush his target with before launching them away. Alternatively, he can also perform a spinning kick attack by charging his leg with purple energy.
  • Rider Punch: By charging energies into the Death Roll Glove (デスロールグローブ Desu Rōru Gurōbu), Rogue delivers a punch that is strong enough to kill a Hazard Smash.
  • Rider Shooting:

  • Charge Crash:
  • Discharge Crash:
    • Diamond: Rogue either summons a cluster of diamonds to attack or a diamond barrier similar to Build's GorillaMond's secondary Vortex Finish, tanking even attacks capable of defeating Rogue, with the force of anything surpassing its defense harmlessly dispersed.

Sclash Driver + Twin Breaker

Cross-Z Charge can combine the powers of the Sclash Driver and the Twin Breaker to perform a powerful finisher. However, it puts a huge strain on Cross-Z Charge's body, causing his transformation to cancel.

  • Scrap Break/Let's Break (スクラップブレイク/レッツレイク Sukurappu Burēku/Rettsu Burēku): With the Twin Breaker in Attack Mode, Cross-Z Charge channels the energy of the Cross-Z Dragon or the RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle and performs a powerful slash.
    • Cross-Z Dragon: Cross-Z Charge summons a blue and orange energy chinese dragon that flies behind him, and use it to stab the enemy before delivering a powerful punch.
    • RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle:

Grease can combine the powers of the Sclash Driver and the Twin Breaker to perform a powerful finisher. However, it puts a huge strain on Grease's body, causing his transformation to cancel.

  • Scrap Finish/Twin Break (スクラップフィニッシュ/ツインブレイク Sukurappu Finisshu/Tsuin Burēku): With the Twin Breaker in Attack Mode, Grease channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Robot Sclashjelly and performs a powerful slash.
    • 2 Fullbottles:
    • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:
      • Robot + Robot: Grease covers himself in golden energy and performs a drill attack at the enemy. This finisher is capable of taking down a wall of a building.
  • Scrap Finish/Twin Finish (スクラップフィニッシュ/ツインフィニッシュ Sukurappu Finisshu/Tsuin Finisshu): With the Twin Breaker in Beam Mode, Grease channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Robot Sclashjelly and performs a powerful blast.
    • 2 Fullbottles:
    • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:
      • Robot + Robot: Grease covers himself in golden energy and slides at the enemy for a punching maneuver via the Variable Jelly, before surfing around the enemy whilst shooting it multiple times, then performing his Scrap Finish attack.
  • Discharge Crash/Twin Finish (ディスチャージクラッシュ/ツインフィニッシュ Disuchāji Kurasshu/Tsuin Finisshu): With the Twin Breaker in Beam Mode, and the Machine Splash Armory, Grease channels the energy of 2 Fullbottles or a Fullbottle and the Robot Sclashjelly, plus the energy of an inorganic Fullbottle in the Sclash Driver, Grease performs a powerful shooting attack.
    • 2 Fullbottles:
      • Kuwagata + Fukurou (in Twin Breaker) + Castle (in Sclash Driver): Grease coats the Twin Breaker with the Fullbottles' energies mixed together in the shape of Castle Fullbottle logo before ramming into the enemy.
      • Fullbottle + Sclashjelly:


  • Build (in his RabbitTank Sparkling Form) and Cross-Z Charge perform a combination of Build's Sparkling Finish and Cross-Z Charge's Scrap Break. The Phantom of the West

Behind the Scenes


The belt is voiced by Norio Wakamoto (若本 規夫 Wakamoto Norio), who previously voiced Rey Kivat and Arc Kivat in Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World.


  • The belt's design and alternative method of initiating the transformation, while using a variant of the series collectible, parallels the Genesis Driver from Kamen Rider Gaim.
    • Kamen Rider Cross-Z would be similar to Kamen Rider Zangetsu as both Riders would make use of their respective Drivers' upgrades to take on a new form, modifying their Rider names.
      • Prior instances where it resulted in a Form Change but did not change the actual name of the given Rider have been seen in Main and Secondary Riders, starting as recently as Genm's use of the Buggle Driver, and as far back as Baron's Lemon Energy Arms.
  • Sclash is a portmanteau of "squash" and "clash".
  • Similar to the Genesis Driver users' Ride Wear possessing tubes around the head, a unique aspect of the Sclash Driver's Rider Forms incorporates the medium used in the Driver into the armor:
    • Sclashjelly-like ornaments as part of the armor for Cross-Z Charge and Grease.
    • A crack-like design from Kamen Rider Rogue's Fullbottle being incorporated into the chest and head.
    • The contents/frame of the medium influencing the design of the base armor as well as the appearance of the head and chest for the forms using either medium.
  • Roughly translated, the first part of the Driver's announcement ties into the medium used: Cross-Z Charge and Grease's, "Tsubureru! Nagareru! Afurederu!" (潰れる!流れる!溢れ出る! lit. "Crushing! Streaming! Flowing out!"), refers to the squeezing of the Sclashjellies and the jelly forming their armor, and Rogue's, "Wareru! Kuwareru! Kudake chiru!" (割れる!食われる!砕け散る! lit, "Breaking! Biting! Smashing up!"), refers to the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle being crushed in the Sclash Driver and the crocodile that bites and cracks Rogue's head. Regular organic/inorganic Fullbottles, when crushed in the Sclash Driver, announce "Tsuburenai!" (潰れない! lit. "Not crushed!").
    • Uniquely, the transformation differs between the Sclashjelly users and Kamen Rider Rogue, with the added elements of a large crocodile head-shaped vice cracking the mid-transformation container, and the only armor that shows animation being the crocodile biting the Rider's head.
  • As with other aspects of the season drawing from previous concepts, the visual design of the Driver appears to mix elements of both the aforementioned Genesis Driver and the Mach Driver Honoh of Kamen Rider Drive.
    • The connection between the two Drivers appears as an inversion of the Gaia Drivers from Kamen Rider W, where the newer model causes corruption from the transformation item's contents, and uses one instead of two.
    • The use of a handle/rotation implement to initiate the transformation can be seen in almost all secondary Riders' Drivers starting as far back as the Accel Driver of Kamen Rider W, the design of the Sclash Driver likely incorporating aspects from all succeeding secondary Rider Drivers.
  • The Driver's side-effects that makes the users increasingly aggressive at each transformation makes it similar to the SB-333B Delta Driver.