This article is about a/an army of monsters in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

Sheerghosts, also called White Minions, are a large group of larval dragonfly Mirror Monsters that serve as Xaviax's upgraded foot soldiers, molting from and replacing the Gelnewts as his endgame approached. They can molt further into Raydragoons.

Character History

Len, Kase, and the original Kamen Riders were shown fighting them in a flashback, several molting into Raydragoons. Dark Temptation

The first Sheerghosts in the present molted from Gelnewts Xaviax was fighting while getting a feel for the body of Vic Frasier, the Earth Kamen Rider Wrath, which he was possessing to fight the Riders with. Kamen Rider Wrath

The Sheerghosts were soon tasked with hiding teleportation beacons in every city on Earth in preparation for Xaviax's capture of humanity, fighting Len and the retrieved Ventaran Riders along the way. Advent Master Returns Back In Black A Hero's Fall Dark Deception They were dispatched alongside their regular and Blue counterparts for the final part of his plan, intercepting Torque and Axe before being defeated. For Ventara and Earth

Some of their actions were recounted by Maya via flashback as she summarized her book. A Dragon's Tale

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