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For the A.R. World version from Kamen Rider Decade, see Shin Magaki (A.R. World).

Shin Magaki (禍木 慎 Magaki Shin) is Kamen Rider Lance (仮面ライダーランス Kamen Raidā Ransu), a Kamen Rider who appeared exclusively in Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace.


He was originally working as a waiter until he was fired after knocking out a rude customer. He was handpicked, along with Miwa Natsumi (Kamen Rider Larc), by Shimura Junichi, also known as Kamen Rider Glaive, to become the New Generation Riders for BOARD to capture the Undead released by the Albino Joker. He is armed with the Lance Rouzer, a large spear. He is based on Kamen Rider Leangle, down to his Rouser. His primary finisher is Impact Stab, where his Rouser's tip is powered up and is used to slash and stab opposing Undead with pure force. The attack is activated when the Rouse card, Mighty Impact is roused. He is attacked by the Albino Joker and is mortally wounded, his last act before dying was giving Shiori two cards, a Jack and Four, which gave her clues to identifying Junichi Shimura/ Kamen Rider Glaive as his assailant. note:the cards Jack and Four's first letter represent Junichi Shimura (Shi=Four in Japanese)

Rider War


Kamen Rider Lance


Kamen Rider Lance

Lance transforms using a copy of the Change Kerberos Rouze Card in conjunction with the Lance Buckle, which utilizes the Open Up system from Leangle. His abilities are also based on Leangle's, thus making him Leangle's replacement.

Lance's Deck comprises of two artificial cards that were developed after the Albino Joker released half of the 53 Undead, which includes the Beetle and Spider Undeads. Developed by B.O.A.R.D.'s new chief, Sakuya Tachibana, with the help of Junichi Shimura, for the next generation Kamen Riders to compensate for the absence of Blade, Leangle and Chalice.

Card Card Rouzer announcement Effects

Change Kerberos


Change Kerberos


Initiates the Kamen Rider transformation when inserted into the Lance Buckle. Unlike the other Change cards, the Change Keroberos card is a prototype Rouze card created by Tennoji. In the movie's storyline, Junichi obtains the card and made one artificial copy for Shin.

Mighty Impact


Mighty Impact

"MIGHTY" His attack card; initiates Impact Stab, which is the equivalent of Leangle's Category 2, Stab Bee, but has the power of Leangle's Blizzard Venom. He swipes the card into the card reader and a projection appears. He then absorbs the card projection using his Lance Rouzer and stabs it into the enemy..

Behind the scenes


Shin Magaki is portrayed by Takao Sugiura (杉浦太雄 Sugiura Takao). As Kamen Rider Lance, he was portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.