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Kamen Rider Lance (仮面ライダーランス Kamen Raidā Ransu) is Shin Magaki (禍木 慎 Magaki Shin), a hot-blooded young man who resists Fourteen as Kamen Rider Lance in the Diend World. After the operation to overthrow Fourteen failed due to Daiki's efforts, he escaped with Haruka. He holds a grudge against Daiki for selling out his older brother but eventually forgives him.

Kamen Rider Lance

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Lance Deck

  • Change Keroberos (Green): Henshin Card; unlike the other Change cards, it is artificial.
  • Mighty Impact: His attack card; initiates Impact Stab, which is the equivalent of Leangle's Category 2, Stab Bee, but has the power of Leangle's Blizzard Venom. He swipes the card into the card reader and a projection appears. He then absorbs the card projection using his Lance Rouzer and stabs it into the enemy.

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Behind the scenes


As with the original Shin Magaki, this version of Shin Magaki is portrayed by Takao Sugiura (杉浦太雄 Sugiura Takao). As Kamen Rider Lance, he was portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.