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Shinmei is the human form of the Wolf Undead (ウルフアンデッド Urufu Andeddo), the Category Jack of Hearts Undead.


He turns the corpses of his victim into werewolfish minions, pretending to be an Undead Hunter who hunts the werewolves and other Undead down. He is able to transform his hands into wolf-like claw, whom he was about to use on Kazuma Kenzaki until Garren stopped him. His ultimate plan is to use Kazuma and Sakuya to empower Black Fang, a bike stolen from B.O.A.R.D, before the bike was destroyed and the Undead was sealed. When King stole Hajime Aikawa's cards, Kazuma gave the sealed Fusion Wolf to Hajime, allowing him to control Joker's power.


  • Height: 223 cm
  • Weight: 129 kg
  • He is the first Undead in the Royal Club of the Heart to not have a surname, followed by Kamata, the Paradoxa Undead and Kamen Rider Abyss in Decade.

Wolf Undead Rouze Card