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Misaki and Kagami's direct superior in the field, Shuichi Tadokoro (田所 修一 Tadokoro Shūichi) is a very stern man who commands numerous amounts of ZECT Trooper platoons. He was seriously injured when he tried to use the Gatack Zecter in order to save Kagami from being chosen. He does care a great deal about his team, especially Kagami and Misaki and will do anything to help them. He has a younger brother who runs the buckwheat-noodle restaurant which was once his father's business. Although he was the better cook, his brother inherited it anyways. After shielding Kagami, his true form is a Native Worm. However, he has no intention of conquering humanity like Negishi. During the epilogue, it is shown that he has taken over the running of the family business.