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A trusted friend of Ichijo, he is the doctor that looks after Yusuke and treats him when he becomes injured, while also researching the effects of Yusuke's fusion with the Arcle. Though he's a light-hearted person, he was very serious and worried when talking about Yusuke's future transformations because of the constant dangers that surrounded the Kuuga legend. He also performs the autopsies of the Gurongi victims in order to determine causes of death and is part of the research team in dissecting Gurongi corpses to determine their biology and their weaknesses.


Ichijo came to Tsubaki with Yusuke Godai in order to study the changes coming on in Godai's body due to becoming Kuuga.


A good-natured and intelligent man, Tsubaki is generally light-hearted, but takes his work very seriously, particularly anything involving Yusuke and the Gurongi.

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