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"I'm going to try... Even if I don't know what I can do."
―Shuji after destroying the Stag Beetle Orphnoch[src]

Shuji Mihara (三原 修二 Mihara Shūji) is one of the protagonists in the Kamen Rider Series installment, Kamen Rider 555.


He is a relatively cowardly member of Ryusei School who would rather forget about Orphnochs and go back to living a normal life. He would become the main wearer of the Delta Gear and fight as Kamen Rider Delta despite his cowardice.


After Rina was hit by a truck retrieving the Delta case he had thrown into the street, he resolved to stop running and fight alongside the others. After the series, Shuji, Mari, and Rina were the only surviving members of Ryusei School as now that Shuji along with Rina had run the orphanage which had previously been run by Smart Brain.

D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4

As mentioned by Kamen Rider 4, Takumi and all of his friends (except Naoya Kaido) died after the final episode of Kamen Rider 555. Shuji is hypothetically mentioned as one of the casualties.

Kamen Rider Decade

Delta and Tiger (Decade)

Delta and Tiger awaiting the Hoppers.

Delta appeared with Kamen Rider Tiger as shadows in a dimensional distorion caused by Narutaki to take KickHopper and PunchHopper out of the World of Kuuga. Judging from KickHopper's comment "Another hell awaits.", it can be assumed that the two Riders were waiting to fight them. Transcendence

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Delta in Legend War

Kamen Rider Delta was part of a group of reinforcement riders led by Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth to aid the primary riders in defeating the Rock Great Leader. All the Kamen Riders got on their bikes and performed the All Rider Break attack which destroyed the Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider 555 video game

Kamen Rider Delta is playable along with Faiz and Kaixa in the Kamen Rider 555 video game.

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes

Delta is an unlockable character in Super Climax Heroes.

Delta Armor Information


Kamen Rider Delta

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 190cm
  • Weight: 96kg

Ability perimeters

  • Punching power: 3.5t
  • Kicking power: 8t
  • Maximum jump height : 38m
  • Maximum running speed: 100m/5.7s

The Delta Armor has several key features in its design. Unlike the Gear, the armor only exists after the wearer transforms.

  • Full Metal Lung: The vest armor of the Rider provides the most protection, being able to withstand Anti-tank weaponry.
  • Global Feeler: The antenna on the Rider’s head can be used to communicate with the Smart Brain Satellite and the Smart Brain computer network.
  • Photon Blood: A glowing substance that provides all of the Rider’s powers and generates all of the physical features of the armor. The Photon Blood is generated from the Delta Driver.
  • Photon Streams: The path that the Photon Blood travels through the Rider’s armor. In Delta, this path is blue when transforming, white after transformation.
  • Photon Terminals: Where the Photon Streams connect with the gauntlets and greaves.
  • Sol Foam/Metal: Soft parts of the armor are made of Sol Foam, and the hard parts are made of Sol Metal. This substance is generated by the Delta Driver to form complex machinery that is powered by Photon Blood. If the Foam or Metal are damaged, the armor switches off and resets itself.
  • Ultimate Finder: The large eyepieces of the Rider give them incredible vision. They can see in darkness with no problems and have an unlimited amount of X-ray vision.

Appearances: 555 Episodes 34-35, 38, 40-50


Rider Cards

Kamen Ride Delta

Kamen Ride: Delta

  • Kamen Ride: Delta: A Rider Card containing the power of Kamen Rider Delta. Used by Diend to summon Kamen Rider Delta. First used in the World of Agito to fight the Gurongi.

Behind the scenes


Shuji Mihara is portrayed by Atsushi Harada (原田 篤 Harada Atsushi). Harada previously portrayed Shou Tatsumi/GoGreenIcon-crosswiki in Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFiveIcon-crosswiki. As Kamen Rider Delta, his suit actor was Yoshifumi Oshikawa (押川 善文 Oshikawa Yoshifumi).

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