This article is about a/an Fangire in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Silkmoth Fangire (シルクモスファンガイア Shirukumosu Fangaia): The Silkmoth Fangire is the keeper of the Lost Woods where Castle Doran dwells. Silkmoth Fangire utilizes the Mirage Trident (ミラージュトライデント Mirāju Toraidento) and displayed almost-godly powers while in her forest domain. Though she was driven off by Maya, the Silkworm Fangire's attempt to keep Otoya Kurenai and Yuri Aso from escaping ended with her killed by Otoya using the Ixa System.

Kamen Rider Decade

The Silkmoth Fangire of the World of Kiva was among several Fangire who fought for their king, Wataru, against the Riders and Undead of the World of Blade when their worlds were merged into the world of the Rider War. The Fangires later help Saga defeat the Oni Riders from the World of Hibiki before he is killed by Hibiki. After it is revealed the Fangire had allied to Dai-Shocker along with the Undead as their queen abandoned Wataru to marry Apollo Geist, she is destroyed alongside the remaining Fangire and Undead by Diend's Dimension Shoot. Rider War: Prologue