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This article is about a/an Support Robot in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Simulation Gamer
Simulation Gamer
Simulation Gamer
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Motif: Video Game
Aircraft carrier
Naval Games
Ally Type: Support Robot
Rider Form
Affiliation: Kamen Rider Snipe
Homeworld: TBA
First Appearance: Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind!
Number of Episode
TBA (Ex-Aid)
TBA (Specials)
Full list of appearances
Gashat Gear Dual β (Bang Bang Simulations)
Bang Bang Simulation Gashat
"Gachan! Dual Up! Scramble da! Shutsugeki Hasshin! Bang Bang Simulations! Hasshin!"
―Transformation announcement with Snipe's Gamer Driver and Gashat Gear Dual β[src]

The Simulation Gamer (シミュレーションゲーマ Shimyurēshon Gēma) is a naval support robot used by Kamen Rider Snipe, summoned with the Bang Bang Simulations side of the Gashat Gear Dual β. When the Gashat Gear Dual β is used by Snipe, Simulator Gamer can fuse with him to access Simulation Gamer Level 50.


Simulation Gamer is a small, red, and silver naval ship-themed support robot. He can be combined with Snipe to assume Kamen Rider Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50.


Taiga summons the Simulation Gamer via the Gashat Gear Dual β for the first time transforming into Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50 and successfully destroyed Vernier Bugster. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind!

Snipe assumed Simulation Gamer Level 50 during his fight with Genm and reclaimed his Bang Bang Shooting Gashat. He assumed it again during his fight with Para-DX and the two were equal in power because their forms are both Level 50. Chasing the Mystery!

Engineered History!

Kamen Sentai Gorider

When Kuroto Dan's plot to revive in the Game World caused an army of Bugsters to perpetually revive and emerge into the real world, Brave and Snipe shared the Gashat Gear Dual β as they fought back the endless horde while Emu was sent from CR to the Game World to stop Dan. Brave assumed his Fantasy Gamer first before being beaten back, Maze 2: Escape leaving Snipe to endure alone with the Simulation Gamer before rejoining him with the Hunter Gamer, at which point the horde ultimately dissipated in an instant as the destruction of the Game World brought about by Kazuma Kenzaki thwarted Dan's ambition to revive. Maze 3: Gorider Forever


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Powers and Abilities

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Level UP Rider Series

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Gashat Gear Dual β


  • Bang Bang Critical Fire (バンバンクリティカルファイヤー Ban Ban Kuritikaru Faiyā): Snipe aims all the weapons on his armor at the enemy and targets the enemy's weak points, before shooting several powerful bullets at the enemy in a bright blue flash.

Behind the scenes


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