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Sky Cyclone

The Sky Cyclone (スカイサイクロン Sukai Saikuron, Format Number MR-004) is Kamen Rider 4's personal fighter plane and flagship of the Shocker Air Force. It debuts in the net series D-Video Special: Kamen Rider 4.

The Sky Cyclone is able to combine with two other Shocker Fighters, which attach to its wings.

It was eventually destroyed by the combination attack of the Zero-Liner Drill and Booster Tridoron.



Jet License
  • This is the first Rider Machine to be a plane.
    • The concept of using an airplane as a Rider Machine could be chased back to 1971 "Kamen Rider License" toy, which one of the cards featured a Kamen Rider piloting a World War II fighter.
  • Like Rider 3's TriCyclone, while Rider 4 was neither a member of Tachibana Racing Club, nor affiliated with the Double Riders, the Sky Cyclone is marked with the logo on the wings.