This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Black.

Slug Moth Mutant (イラガ怪人 Iraga Kaijin, 11 & 27) is a slug moth Gorgom monster.


Slug Moth Mutant first appeared when the Gorugomes Fruits were becoming scarce. Starved Monsters

Slug Moth Mutant was later used by Gorgom to render the city's energies helpless (including transformation energies). Kohtaro could not transform into Kamen Rider Black in the first battle due to the cocoons until a power line fell on them. Kohtaro transformed into Kamen Rider Black and Slug Moth Mutant later retreated. Slug Moth Mutant later attacked a power plant with his cocoons which interferes with the heart surgery of a boy named Hisao. In the second encounter with Slug Moth Mutant alongside the Three High Priests, the bridge that Kohtaro was on broke upon responding to High Priest Baraom's attack causing Kohtaro to fall. Kohtaro evaded them and made his way to the power plant in which even if he took out the power source, there would be no power at the hospital. Slug Moth Mutant and the High Priests had Kohtaro at their mercy and Slug Moth Mutant was trying to rip out the Kingstone in Kohtaro. Kohtaro poked Slug Moth Mutant's eyes before jumping into the air to transform into Kamen Rider Black. Kamen Rider Black ripped off all of Slug Mutant's spikes. Once Slug Moth Mutant was killed by the Rider Kick, power was restored to the city. The Fire-Spouting Dangerous Highway

Slug Moth Mutant appeared as one of the Phantom Mutants that are summoned by Fly Mutant through Yuki. It disappeared when Mokoto used his psychic powers to expel Fly Mutant from Yuki.Tokyo - Big Monster Gathering


It can shoot spikes from its body and its cocoons it has displayed can violently explode upon detection of heat and/or friction energy.