This article is about a/an group of Lords in Kamen Rider Agito.

The Snake Lords (スネークロード Sunēku Rōdo) are able to move at blurring speeds across short distances. By making and holding their hand ceremony, they can make a blast of wind gust from behind them. Their method of killing is opening a portal to suck their victims in, which teleports and drops them from high in the sky, letting gravity do the work for them.

Snake Lords

Anguis Masculus


Anguis Masculus

Main article: Anguis Masculus

Anguis Masculus (アングィス・マスクルス Angwisu Masukurusu, 5 & 6): A cobra Unknown armed with a ceremonial staff named the Judgment Staff (審判の杖 Shinpan no Tsue), his killing of Hisao Katahira attracted the police's attention. He later targeted Mayumi Katahira, with Hikawa stopping him until Agito arrives. Masculus was overpowered by Agito's Ground and Storm Forms until Femineus arrives and cover their escape. Masculus later tried to kill Mayumi again, accidentally completing Ryō's change. When Masculus attempted to kill Mayumi a 3rd time, he evoked the wrath of Ryō when he assumes the form of Gills to fight him. While Gills isn't full powered at first, allowing Masculus to easily overpower him, Gills fully matures and proceeds to completely overpower the Lord. After pummeling Masculus into submission, Gills brutally kills the Lord with Gills Heel Claw. Voiced by Hiroyuki Shibamoto (柴本 浩行 Shibamoto Hiroyuki).

Anguis Femineus


Anguis Femineus

Main article: Anguis Femineus

Anguis Femineus (アングィス・フェミネウス Angwisu Femineusu, 5 & 6): Gorgon-like in appearance and armed with a whip named the Evil-Eyed Whip (邪眼の鞭 Jagan no Muchi). She arrives to aid Masculus on the Overlord's approval, overpowering Agito and covering their escape. Femineus later battles Agito and G3, forced to retreat after being disarmed by Agito Storm Form. Later, after being denied the Overlord's aid in healing her, a rage-filled Femineus murdered Sakiko Mikumo to spite, with the Overlord telekinetically forcing Femineus to kill herself for breaking the taboo of taking the life of a normal human. She returned in the Hyper Battle special, only to be destroyed by Agito Flame Form's Double Saber Slash. Voiced by Mako Hyōdō (兵藤 まこ Hyōdō Mako).


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