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Snakecobran (スネークコブラン Sunēkukoburan, 8): A snake Dogma monster with a cobra head for a left hand and chieftain of the Dogma Police.


Snakecobran of Dogma Revenge Corps

Snakecobran of the Dogma Revenge Corps.

He is to oversee the execution of a friend of Tani Genjiro and his family who unwittingly bought a real estate on top of a jewelry mine under the Dogma Kingdom's jurisdiction. He attempts to bury Super-1 with a giant boulder before that is stopped by him using his Power Hands. Destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Moonsalt Kick. Fight, Kazuya! Dogma's Trial of Death

He was later revived as part of the Dogma Revenge Corps (ドグマ復讐兵団 Doguma Fukushū Heidan, movie) and destroyed by Kamen Rider Stronger.


His cobra-headed left hand can be stretched out as a grappling flail and when severed is capable of moving at freewill by activating his neck collar. His mouth can fire machine gun rounds, he can control pet snakes, and has a special hypnotism technique that renders his opponents in pain thus enabling him to manipulate their actions and movement.

Behind the scenes


Snakecobran was voiced by Tetsuya Asado and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.