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Soji Kuruse (来瀬 荘司 Kuruse Sōji) is a former member of the Next Genome Institute, which conducted groundbreaking and innovative research on genomes, who has been missing for six years. He has resurfaced and is working alongside Dr. Pac-Man. Using the Proto Gekitotsu Robots Gashat, Soji is able to transforms into the Robol Bugster (ロボルバグスター Roboru Bagusutā).

Character History

Fittingly, the Robol Bugster was ultimately destroyed by Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider

The stolen Proto Gekitotsu Robots Gashat would be recovered and returned to Kuroto Dan, who would provide it to a Collabos Bugster as part of his Ganbarizing project. Part. I: Legend Rider Stage


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Powers and Abilities

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Robol Bugster


By using the Proto Gekitotsu Robots Gashat, he can transform into the Robot Bugster.


Behind the scenes


Soji Kuruse was portayed by Hiroshi Tanahashi (棚橋 弘至 Tanahashi Hiroshi).


  • His Robol Bugter suit is a repainted version of the Gekitotsu Robots Collabos Bugster suit (except of the red parts) with a different headpiece.
  • Robol being Kamen Rider Drive's opponent is pertinent as both have mechanic traits, and Drive's enemies were robotic lifeforms.


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