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Star of Happiness, Criminal's Surrender
Kamen Rider Den-O, Episode 16
Den-O 16 05
Air date May 13, 2007
Written by Shōji Yonemura
Directed by Hidenori Ishida
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Bath Jack Panic
That Person Just Now! In the Past?

Star of Happiness, Criminal's Surrender (幸福の星、降伏の犯人(ホシ) Kōfuku no Hoshi, Kōfuku no Hoshi) is the sixteenth episode of Kamen Rider Den-O.


As he remains hostage by the bathhouse owner, Ryotaro tries to figure out the mystery of his relations with his former boss while trying to prevent Ryutaros from dealing with him his own way.


Once Ryutaros believes that he has destroyed the Whale Imagin, he goes after President Higuchi, again, but the president escapes. Ryotaro then returns to the bathhouse and tells Hakamada that he was unable to set things straight with the company president.

When Ryutaros feels that Airi is in trouble, he takes over Ryotaro and exits the bathhouse and disseminates the police siege with his dancing. When Ryotaro tries to discuss things with Higuchi, again, Ryutaros takes control, again, and tries to kill the president.

However, Momotaros is able to partially take control of Ryotaro and text message Airi to tell him to stop, as Ryutaros will only listen to Airi. Finally, Ryotaro is able to discuss things with the president, and they are able to find the Whale Imagin just before it attacks its final target and complete the contract.

Ryotaro then travels back to March 31, 2004, the day that Higuchi tossed the company's money while drunk. Momotaros, as Den-O Sword Form, easily destroys the Whale Imagin before it can do much damage. With the money back, Hakamada was clear of all charges.

He and the thief wished to turn themselves in, only to learn that the police were actually after an armed robber in the bank next door.


Guest Cast

Suit actors


  • Den-O: Gun Form, Sword Form


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