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Swan Song
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, Episode 30
Air date October 31, 2009 (United States)
Written by Nathan Long
Directed by Michael Wang
Episode Guide
Calm Before the Storm
Xaviax's Wrath

Swan Song is the thirtieth episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Strike steals the Thrust and Sting Advent Decks and reveals a new ability. By contracting with Sting and Thrust's contract beasts, Strike creates a powerful new hybrid monster. Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren engage in a fateful fight against Strike and Wrath.


Following their escape, Kase gives Len and Kit their Survive Mode cards. JTC attacks Len, stealing the Thrust and Sting decks before escaping. After the Riders follow him, Michelle shows up with the agents and kidnaps Maya, Trent and Lacey. Kit goes after and fights Strike while Len and Kase fight Xaviax/Wrath. When Strike gains the upperhand on Kit, nearly venting him, Len shows up and saves him. Strike reveals he can now capture other Advent Beasts and use them as his own. Kase escapes from Xaviax, who goes after Len and Kit. Kase arrives in time to help but during the battle is vented by Strike who escapes with Xaviax. Len picks up Kase's deck, holds his Survive Mode card and goes after Strike.


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