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Takahiro Omura (尾室 隆弘 Omuro Takahiro) is a character that is part of the Squad of Anti Unidentified Lifeforms ("SAUL") unit from Kamen Rider Agito. In Kamen Rider Agito Special: A New Transformation, he became G3 Mild.

Character History

He helps Ozawa at the G-Trailer mobile command base. Often the comic relief of the G3 team, he tends to be more immature than Hikawa and Ozawa, and is more carefree than the other two. In Kamen Rider Agito Special: A New Transformation, he became G3 Mild and gave his battery to Makoto Hikawa/Kamen Rider G3-X but had to give up being G3 Mild after the project was dropped. In the series epilogue, he becomes squad leader of the G5 Unit.

Rider Systems


Kamen Rider G3

Statistics & Performance Data:

  • Head height: 192 centimeters
  • Base weight: 150 kilograms
  • Punching power: 1t
  • Kicking power: 3t
  • Highest jump: 10m (broad)
  • Top speed: 100m/10s
  • Vision: 5 km approx.
  • Hearing: 5 km approx.
  • Defense Rating: 8

In light of the threat of Unidentified Lifeforms (the Gurongi), Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department Unidentified Lifeform (M・P・D/S・A・U・L) received funding from the city government to develop a powered, reinforced exo-suit based on the Unidentified Lifeform #4 (Kuuga's Mighty Form) to respond to this menace. However, because the Gurongi were eliminated long before completion, research on the project was postponed indefinitely. By this time, the data acquired from the G1 and G2 had been implemented into the Generation-3 (3rd generation exo-armor), which was entering its final phase of development and ready for live-combat deployment. But with the emergence of the Lords, the S・A・U・L's G3 unit was reinstated and recommissioned to contend with the threat. Its most potent armament is the GG-Launcher (GG-02 Salamander).

Appearances: Agito Episodes 49, 50

G3mild 2

Kamen Rider G3 Mild

  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 125kg
  • Puching Power: 1t
  • Kicking Power: 2t
  • Highest Jump: 5m
  • Top Speed: 100m/13.5s
  • Vision and Hearing: 1km
  • Defense Rating: 8/10

The test model for a mass-production G3 exosuit. The automatic fitting function that was featured on the G3 System was improved for universal equipping. However, funding and support was inadequate, despite plans from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to mass-produce G3-Mild systems and organize a G3 strike force. In an interesting move, to prove that anyone could operate the G3-Mild system, Takahiro was elected as the initial operator and has worn it on two occasions.

G3 Mild is exclusive to the TV special, Kamen Rider Agito: A New Transformation.

Behind the scenes


Takahiro Omuro is portrayed by Akiyoshi Shibata (柴田 明良 Shibata Akiyoshi). As Kamen Rider G3 Mild, his suit actor was Jiro Okamoto (岡元 次郎 Okamoto Jirō).

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