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Takashi Soma
Takashi Soma
Episodes: The O Chain/The Aged Detective
The O Chain/Shroud's Confession
Season: Kamen Rider W
Height: 270 cm
Weight: 170 kg
Actor: Masakazu Azuhata
Old Dopant
Old Dopants

Takashi Soma (相馬 卓 Sōma Takashi) is the user of the Old Gaia Memory.

Takashi Soma

He is a palm reader in Futo who Shroud gave the Old Memory to in a calculated plan to get rid of Shotaro. As the Old Dopant (オールド・ドーパント Ōrudo Dōpanto), Soma took on the name of the Ager (ふけさせや Fukesaseya), offering to age any person his customer hates for the right price, taking delight in his work. Although Shroud states that only the power of Kamen Rider W CycloneAccel Xtreme can defeat the Old Dopant, Accel holds the Dopant for Double CycloneJoker Xtreme to make a direct hit while in his aging state. When the Old Dopant assumes his fighting mode, Accel uses the Machine Gun Slasher to defeat the Old Dopant.

Dopant Form

Main article: Old Dopant
  • Height: 270cm
  • Weight: 170kg

In his Dopant form, the Ager uses Old Creak (オールドクリーク Ōrudo Kurīku), an ooze similar to the Terror Dopant's Terror Field, to age his target. By turning around, the Old Dopant can switch from the rust-colored form he uses the Old Creak in to a patina-colored faster form that is geared towards combat.

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