This article is about a/an Undead in Kamen Rider Blade.

The Tapir Undead (タピアアンデッド Tapia Andeddo) is an unseen Category 10 Undead from the Suit of Clubs, having been sealed offscreen like most other Club Suit Undeads. When sealed, the Tapir Undead's Rouze Card allows any Rider System user, usually Kamen Rider Leangle, to unseal any sealed Undead. These Undead are then placed under the user's control with the Tapir card as a conduit, but only so long as the user directly focuses on controlling them; the controlled Undead will return to their normal habits of hunting humans when direct control is ceased, but can be pulled back under the user's control at any time until defeated and resealed.

If there is only one unsealed Undead remaining and they have been named the victor of the Battle Fight, this card's ability is blocked, as it would otherwise be able to overturn any outcome. Prologue to Destruction


  • Since only the Tapir Undead can unseal Undead, it is the only Undead that cannot itself be unsealed, or if it was, it could not be controlled.