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"Let's get yakiniku tonight!"
―Taro's final words to Tatsuya before leaving for his part-time job.[src]

Taro Satou (佐藤 太郎 Satō Tarō) was an aspiring musician and the roommate of Tatsuya Kishida who was murdered by Blood Stalk.

Character History

Satou was friends with Tatsuya Kishida during middle school and formed a band called Lynks with him in their adulthood. On September 5, Taro left for a job offer at Takumi Katsuragi's apartment, which was the last time he was seen.

Because of his appearance and amnesia, Sento Kiryu was mistaken for Satou. However, it is revealed that Sento is actually Takumi Katsuragi, while Satou turned out to have been killed by Blood Stalk and his appearance changed to Takumi's, with Ryuga Banjou being framed for for the murder of "Takumi".


According to Tatsuya, he is hinted as a rebellious man who has a large dream of living a luxurious life should their band Lynks become successful. His former apartment implied Taro as a man who lacked a sense of hygiene. Despite all these negative traits, he is nevertheless kind to his friends as his job application in Katsuragi's lab stems from the need to provide Tatsuya with financial support.

Behind the Scenes


As Sento is physically identical to Taro, he is also portrayed by Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼 貴丈 Inukai Atsuhiro). Once applied with Takumi Katsuragi's likeness, his cadaver is portrayed by Yukiaki Kiyama (木山 廉彬 Kiyama Yukiaki).


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