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This article is about a/an group in Kamen Rider Gaim.
Team gaim logo

Team Gaim's insignia

The Team Gaim (チーム鎧武 Chīmu Gaimu?) is a street dance group which Kouta Kazuraba belongs to, where he is known as the 2nd best dancer. They are long-standing rivals of Team Baron and later become former rivals as all the Beat Riders put aside their differences to dance together in their own choosing and liking. They are identified by their Happi-themed modern outfits and logo, later they are united together with all of the other Beat Rider teams, including Team Baron and Team Invitto. Their meeting location is in a small garage, in which was later used as one of the safe base along with Drupers during Helheim Invasion. 3 months after Helheim left Earth, Team Gaim along with teams Baron, Invitto and Raid Wild are uniting as a dance group.


Team Gaim All Member

All members of Team Gaim.

  • Chucky - the top-level dancer, Team Gaim's acting leader post-Helheim/Soccer team supporter in the alternate reality
  • Rica - the easy-going and not-so-good dancer/Soccer team supporter in the alternate reality
  • Rat - the team's mood maker
  • Three unnamed members

Former Members

  • Yuya Sumii - Team Gaim's deceased leader
  • Kouta Kazuraba - Kamen Rider Gaim/Kamen Rider Gaim Yami, became the Man of the Beginning/participates as Soccer team captain in the alternate reality
  • Mai Takatsukasa - Team Gaim's leader replacing Yuya, became the Woman of the Beginning/Soccer team manager in the alternate reality
  • Mitsuzane Kureshima - Kamen Rider Ryugen/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin II/Kamen Rider Ryugen Yomi, Team Gaim's assistant leader, later betrayed Team Gaim and left during Helheim invasion


  • Team Gaim was the first Beat Rider Team to have two Armored Riders on the same team with Gaim and Ryugen. This is followed by Team Baron with Baron and Knuckle, though Gaim remains the only team with two Armored Riders at the same time as Baron retired from his eponymous team before giving Knuckle his belt. This would later mean that Team Gaim now has only one Armored Rider left as Mitsuzane betrayed his Team, until Kouta became the Man of the Beginning, thus leaving Team Gaim without a leader until Mitsuzane's redeemingly returned by the offer of the Beat Riders to him.

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