This article is about a/an set of riders that were originally assembled in Kamen Rider Black RX.

The original Ten veteran Kamen Riders (10人ベテランの仮面ライダー Jūnin Beteran no Kamen Raidā) are composed of Kamen Riders 1 to ZX. They help Black RX in defeating the Crisis Empire. They appear at their base in the Arizona Desert in episodes 41-43 and help RX in episodes 44-47.

The appearance of the previous 10 Kamen Riders in the last 7 episodes of the series was their last in the franchise's history, up until Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, not counting the remake versions of 1, 2 and V3 in Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next.


Legend Rider DevicesEdit

Kamen Ride Ichigo

Kamen Ride 1

-1 Astroswitch

1 Switch

Ichigo Ring

1 Ring

Better Ichigo Ring

1 Ring (Green)

-1 Lockseed

1 Lockseed

Signal Legend Showa Rider

Legend 1 Signal Bike

Kamen Ride Nigo

Kamen Ride 2

Kamen Rider 2 Astroswitch

2 Switch


2 Ring

2 LockSeed

2 Lockseed

Kamen Ride V3

Kamen Ride V3

V3 Medal

V3 Medal


V3 Switch

V3 Ring

V3 Ring

Better Akai Kamen no V3

V3 Ring (Red)

V3 LockSeed

V3 Lockseed

Kamen Ride Riderman

Kamen Ride Riderman


Riderman Switch


Riderman Ring

Riderman Lockseed

Riderman Lockseed

Kamen Ride X

Kamen Ride X

X Core Medal

X Core Medal


X Switch

Unknown Ring

X Ring

X LockSeed

X Lockseed

Kamen Ride Amazon

Kamen Ride Amazon

Amazon Core Medal

Amazon Core Medal

Amazon Medal

Amazon Medal (Toy)

Amazon Astroswitch

Amazon Switch

Better Amazon Ring

Amazon Ring

Amazon LockSeed

Amazon Lockseed

Kamen Ride Stronger

Kamen Ride Stronger

Stronger Core Medal

Stronger Core Medal


Stronger Switch

Better Stronger Ring

Stronger Ring

Stronger LockSeed

Stronger Lockseed

Kamen Ride Sky Rider

Kamen Ride Skyrider

Skyrider Ring

Skyrider Ring

SkyRider (New Kamen Rider) LockSeed

Skyrider Lockseed

Kamen Ride Super-1

Kamen Ride Super-1

Super Rider Ring

Super-1 Ring

Super-1 LockSeed

Super-1 Lockseed

Kamen Ride ZX

Kamen Ride ZX

ZX Medal

ZX Medal

Better ZX Ring

ZX Ring


ZX Lockseed


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