This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A jellyfish-like monsters with lots of tentacles to attack with and a teleportation ability. When Count Dregon notices Dex using his powers to race to school, Double Face comes up with a plan which involved a Mass-Molecular Transfer Machine that they claimed from one of the planets Count Dregon conquered as well as a powerful crystal. To assist in a plot to capture the population of Leawood and enslave them on Edenoi, Count Dregon unleashed Tentaclon to hide the machine from Dex until it was ready. When Dex detected the activity, he arrived only to be ambushed by the Maggots unleashed by Tentaclon. After the Maggots were defeated, Tentaclon attacked. After a brief fight, Tentaclon disappeared alongside the Maggots, the Commandoids, and the Mass-Molecular Transfer Machine. When the crystal was charged up, Tentaclon had the Commandoids install the crystal into the Mass-Molecular Transfer Machine. When the test run is complete, it is sensed by Dex who manages to slip away. Dex ended up fighting Tentaclon again who kept teleporting in battle. When Tentaclon gets Dex in his tentacles, Combat Chopper saves Dex. When Tentaclon disappears again, Combat Chopper managed to detect him. Upon learning this, Dex dodged Tentaclon and used the Rider Kick on Tentaclon. Once Tentaclon was destroyed by the Electro Saber, the Mass-Molecular Transfer Machine was destroyed. Fits the theme of Gork's monsters.

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