This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A blue robotic monster who can shoot lasers from his eyes and fingers. After the Maggots mistakenly capture the Stewarts' grandmother instead of Molly and Albee, Grandma Stewart mistook the case that Termasect was in for trash and discarded it down the launch tube (which she thought was a garbage disposal) sending it down to Earth. Cycloptor said that it would be out of control, but Count Dregon says that he'll see how Termasect does with Masked Rider. Dex as the Masked Rider found Termasect and confronted him. After an attack from Termasect, Dex changed into his Super Gold form and summoned Combat Chopper (who was then transformed into Super Chopper). Dex sliced off Termasect's right hand while on Super Chopper (who blasted bullets from its exhausts) and then destroyed him with his Ecto-Ray. Fits the category of Cycloptor's monsters.

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