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The Claws of Evil Reach Out for V3!!
Kamen Rider V3, Episode 11
Kr V3 11
Air date April 28, 1973
Written by Ikuro Suzuki
Directed by Masaki Tsukada
Episode Guide
Secret of the Double Typhoon
Junko Becomes a Mutant's Bride?!

The Claws of Evil Reach Out for V3!! (悪魔の爪がV3をねらう!! Akuma no Tsume ga Buisurī o Nerau!) is the eleventh episode of Kamen Rider V3.


Destron forces Marine biologist Dr. Nakatani to create a powerful aquatic mutant, Pickaxe-Shark. The doctor escapes, but his creation is sent to kill him. Meanwhile, a chinpira exposes Kazami Shiro's secret identity to Junko, but is captured and transformed into Drill-Mole. As V3 battles Pickaxe-Shark in the open sea, Drill-Mole abducts Junko to force her into an unholy union!


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DVD Releases

V3 DVD Vol 2

Kamen Rider V3 Volume 2, DVD cover.

  • Kamen Rider V3 Volume 2 features episodes 7-12.[1]
  • The complete Kamen Rider V3 series was released in a boxset by Hawaii's Generation Kikaida, with English subtitles provided by JN Productions.[2]


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