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The Creation King's True Identity? (創世王の正体は? Sōsei Ō no Shōtai wa?) is the fiftieth and penultimate episode of Kamen Rider Black. It sees the death of Whale Mutant and the revelation of the Creation King's true form.


Finally reaching Golgom's headquarters, Kohtaro confronts Shadow Moon a final time as the Creation King forces the former brothers to complete their final showdown.


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  • A teaser trailer for Kamen Rider Black RX, premiering on October 16th, was shown at the end of this episode.
  • This episode marks the 400th episode of the Entire Kamen Rider Series.

Digital Releases

Black DVD Vol 5

Kamen Rider Black DVD Volume 5 cover.

  • Kamen Rider Black DVD Volume 5 features episodes 47-51 & Kamen Rider 1 Through RX: Big Gathering.[1]
Black Volume 3

Kamen Rider Black Box 3, Blu-ray cover

  • The Blu-ray Release of Kamen Rider Black Volume 3 features episodes 35-51.[2]