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The Tank and the Second Generation Monster Corp: Full Force of Eight Riders
Kamen Rider (Skyrider), Episode 27
KamenRider(1979) New Skyrider Seven Riders
Air date April 4, 1980
Written by Katsuhiko Taguchi
Directed by Minoru Yamada
Episode Guide
Three Riders vs. Neoshocker's School Fortress
Eight Riders' Great Training of Friendship

Tank and Monster the Second Generation Corps, Full Force of Eight Riders (戦車と怪人Ⅱ世部隊 8人ライダー勢ぞろい Sensha to Kaijin Nisei Butai Hachi'nin Raidā Seizoroi) is the twenty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider (Skyrider). It is the first part of a two-part arc which sees all seven of the original Kamen Riders returning to Japan to help Skyrider fight Neo-Shocker, the second time all eight Riders fight together following the movie Eight Riders vs. Galaxy King. Thus, it features the first appearances of Riders #1, #2, and Amazon in the TV series.


Hiroshi must save the father of Shigeru's friend who has developed a new weapon controlled by Neo-Shocker that may take seven familiar faces to help defeat.


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DVD Release

Skyrider DVD Vol 3

Skyrider Volume 3, DVD cover.

Skyrider Volume 3 features episodes 25-36.[1]


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