This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider X.
Episodes: Apollo Geist's Last General Attack!!
The Terrible Great Giant! King Dark Appears!!
Five Riders vs. King Dark
Season: Kamen Rider X
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Actors: Yoshito Yasuhara (Voice)
Akiharu Ikegami (Human Form)
Toad-Goemon human

Toad-Goemon (ガマゴエモン Gamagoemon, 22, 23 & Movie) - An Ishikawa Goemon-themed toad monster of G.O.D..


He was equipped with an ax with four hidden hatchet blades ideal for throwing, human disguises, oil that could be released from the head, and flames from the fingers called the Flame Gamayu.


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