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This article is about a/an rider in Kamen Rider Hibiki.
For the ally from Den-O, see Toki (Den-O).
Not to be confused with Kamen Rider Tohki.
Kamen Rider Toki

Kamen Rider Toki

Kamen Rider Toki (仮面ライダー闘鬼 Kamen Raidā Tōki, lit. "Masked Rider War Demon") is a 33 year old Oni who has been a Kamen Rider since he was 18. He is married and has one son.

Arsenal and techniques

  • Henshin Onibue (変身鬼笛 lit. "Transformation Demon Flute"): A flute whistle transformation device.
  • Ongekimei - Tsumuji (音撃鳴・つむじ lit. "Sound Attack Echo: Whirlwind"): A trumpet buckle.
  • Ongekikan - Arashi (音撃管・嵐 lit. "Sound Attack Tube: Storm"): A trumpet Ongeki weapon.
  • Ongeki Sha - Fūjin Dohatsu (音撃射・風神怒髪 lit. "Sound Attack Shoot: Wind God's Angry Hair"): Ongeki Finisher.
(SIC)Kamen Rider Toki

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