This article is about a/an Trial in Kamen Rider Blade.

Trial F (トライアルF Toraiaru Efu): An Energy-Type Undead used to capture Kazuma Kenzaki. Evolution Paradoxa (Category King of Hearts) Undead's DNA is used. Destroyed by Wild Chalice's Wild Cyclone.


  • Trial F's design is reminiscent of Kamen Rider 2.
  • Trial F was one of several Undead costumes which were used in a cameo in the OOO portion of Movie War Mega Max, where they were used to depict the obscured future monsters which attacked humanity in the future where Michal Minato comes from. In Trial F's case, his costume has been modified in that his limbs are reversed. He is also seen wielding the Caucasus Undead's sword at one point.