This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Black RX.

United Triplon

Triplon is a robot that first appeared in its splintered form: Triplon Unit 1 and the humanoid Triplon Unit 2 and Triplon Unit 3. The first unit can levitate and fire a pulse laser from the eye while the second and third have crab-like pincer claws. Triplon is deployed to the Desert of Death to execute Deathgaron for his incompetence before serving as an escort to Maribaron. When Nexticker is destroyed, the Triplon Units capture Shigeru and overwhelm Kohtaro and Joe before they are captured. But when RX achieves the form of Bio Rider, the Triplon Units dock into United Triplon which Bio Rider ambushed by using Acrobatter in the form of Mach Jabber and then destroys the combined robot with his Bio Blade.

The Triplon Units returned in the Kamen Rider: Run All Over the World movie to assist Deathgaron, Musalabisala and Gynagiskhan in their attack on the Kamen Riders only to be destroyed by a team Rider Kick.

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