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Tsuyoshi Ageo (上尾 強 Ageo Tsuyoshi) is Wakana Sonozaki's manager and Violence Gaia Memory user.

Tsuyoshi Ageo

He is a weak willed man who loves her in spite of the abuse. Ageo is used by Wind Wave DJ Motoko Saeki in a scheme to force Wakana off the air, giving him the Violence Memory she buys. Overcome by the Memory's influence, Ageo assumes the alias of Mister Question, targeting certain places of value to Wakana and portraying himself as a stalker. Once discovered, he abducts Wakana and is chased after by Kamen Rider Double. Before being defeated by means of LunaTrigger's Trigger Stag Burst Maximum Drive, he leads Wakana to Motoko.

Kamen Rider Wizard

Violence Dopant's destruction at the hands of Double (as seen in The Q on the Radio/Live Catastrophe) was shown in a recollection by Amadum as he explained the nature of his world as a paradise for monsters destroyed by the Kamen Riders. The Violence Dopant also appears in the world within the Magic Stone proper. The Kamen Rider Rings

Dopant Form


Violence Ball

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―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height = 230cm
  • Weight = 420kg

As the brutish Violence Dopant (バイオレンス・ドーパント Baiorensu Dōpanto), his left arm is strong enough to destroy anything in its path, even enough to smash through cars. He can compress his body into a wrecking ball-like form called the Violence Ball (バイオレンスボール Baiorensu Bōru) to cause more collateral damage.

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