This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

Turtletron is a turtle monster. He can bite, launch its neck and head out to constrict, and shoot sparks out of his mouth. Turtletron went down to battle Dex Stewart on Earth alongside Double Face. Double Face wanted to test his new "Super Sword" and Count Dregon wanted to make sure Double Face would succeed. When Dex was at a restaurant with his family, he gets a private visit from Combat Chopper who had detected Turtletron by the river. Dex transforms and attacks Turtletron. After a Rider Kick on Turtletron, Double Face arrived to assist causing Dex to retreat. During the second fight, Dex transformed into his Super Blue form and fought Double Face and Turtletron. When Dex's leg was being bitten by Turtletron, he turned into water to escape. Dex then brought out his Blue Saber to disarm Double Face. Double Face retreated ordering Turtletron to finish off Dex. When Turtletron launches his head and neck out to attack, Masked Rider used his Blue Saber to destroy it before using it to finish off Turtletron. He fits the category of Double Face's unit.

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