This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider, the original series.
Episode: Stone Monster Unicornos vs. Double Rider Kick
Season: Kamen Rider
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Actors: Shun Yashiro (Voice)
Sachio Fujino (Human Form)
Unicornos human

Unicornos (ユニコルノス Yunikorunosu, 51) - A unicorn monster created from a villainous man who was modified using a unicorn fossil stolen from europe. Could transmute matter to stone with a spray from his mouth and teleport. He was destroyed by Kamen Rider #1 and Kamen Rider #2's Rider Double Kick.

Character History

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Video game appearances

Kamen Rider Club

Unicornos appears among the monsters of Shocker which is fought by the six Kamen Riders 1, 2, V3, X, Amazon, and Stronger in Kamen Rider Club.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes



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