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Wild Gigazelles are humanoid gazelle-based Mirror Monsters with super speed and bladed staff weapons that come in different colors. One particular Gigazelle is contracted to Kamen Rider Spear, and various other Zelle-type Monsters follow him because of it.


A purple Gigazelle and a Megazelle are fought by an untransformed Len to let off steam. After besting them, he leaves, the monsters being frustrated and confused. A gold Gigazelle is later fought by Dragon Knight until it is destroyed by his Strike Vent, Dragreder absorbing its energy. Another, green Gigazelle immediately attacks him, and he and Wing Knight defeat it and a Megazelle with their Final Vents, Dragreder and Blackwing absorbing their energies. Friend or Foe

Another purple Gigazelle fought Kamen Rider Sting in a flashback. The Hero of Gramercy Heights

Several more Gigazelles later appear with Megazelles and Omegazelles when summoned by Spear. Semper Fi


  • In truth, only a purple Gigazelle suit exists, the apparent presence of other colored varieties coming from Ryuki footage as the result of off-camera colored spotlights shining on the suit. This can be clearly seen when the "gold" Gigazelle holds its weapon up and its gold face suddenly becomes purple, as the weapon is blocking the yellow light.

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